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Work life balance – are you there yet?

On Mars we constantly seek inspiration and ways to achieve Work Life Balance (WLB). You’ve heard us bang on about it before – and we know it’s hard to sustain all the time. Read about our latest initiatives and tips on how to achieve work life balance, at least in some of the time.

Photo of an office with a staff lunch and learn meeting

  • Lunch & Learn: the digital coms world is evolving at meteor speed and even tho’ we are are tech junkies it’s sometimes hard to keep up with every new wotsit. Kate, our studio manager, has instigated a brain sharing initiative. Every month, over lunch, a team member leads a coaching session about a particular new trend or app. It’s fun-size, bite-size and great to share! This week Jeff talked about FTP, DNS, domain delegation and hosting.
  • Focus energy: Sim says, “One of my biggest challenges is focusing on one task at a time, I always have such a huge to do list – at work and at home. So, I’ve started practicing the Pomodoro technique – to create single minded focus.  Beware the perils of multi-tasking – University of Sussex researchers say: ‘Simultaneously using mobile phones, laptops and other media devices could be changing the structure of our brains.’
  • When The Guardian announced that France had made it illegal to answer work emails after 6pm, there was a ‘sharing’ frenzy. It’s not illegal but it did provoke more discussion about how to ‘unplug’ yourself for a happier life. Read tips and pledge to unplug.

Staff Catch-Ups:  We like to do these while taking a walk by the river in North Freo.  The idea came from when Kammi and Jeff were working in Bhutan working on the Gross National Happiness website. “In order to meet with Dashu, our direct contact,  we had to schedule a walk in the mountains with him.  He never did sit-down meetings. It’s multitasking in a good way and people are much more relaxed when they are walking.”

What are you doing in your workplace to improve everyone’s WLB? 

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