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Wellbeing Through the Arts



DADAA provides access to arts and cultural activities for people with disability or a mental illness.

The arts play an important role in their lives but also in re-shaping social attitudes and political change around disability and social justice.  DADAA gives people living with disability a voice and a means of being heard.

As we worked in partnership with the DADAA team, their stories were powerful and the vision for their new digital presence emerged clearly. Their communication solutions would be accessible works of art in themselves.

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Designed for people.

Girl with down syndrome jumps gleefully in the air while singing into a microphone

We designed every detail – from page layout, navigation, photography to functionality – using the defining principles of art and accessibility.

The results speak for themselves.  There are no marketing style shots here, the photos are all encompassing, artistic portraits of the protagonists who personify the DADAA story and the organisation’s strength. Accessibility in all respects was at the heart of this website.  While most accessibility features are imperceptible to many people, they completely transform the website interaction for people with disabilities.

Male artist in wheelchair next to video installation projected on wall

DADAA: mobile phone screenshot
DADAA: tablet screenshot
DADAA: desktop screenshot

Smiling man with Down syndrome at art table being creative


Making sure a site is accessible both at the front and the back is a feat for both designer and developer. For Mars Developer Roman, it became imperative to create a seamless user experience for people with and without disability, both accessing and maintaining the site; not just one that adhered to the standards of W3CAG AA.

In parallel with everything digital, accessibility is an ever evolving field and we seek continual feedback to ensure we continue to improve the accessibility and user experience of the DADAA site.

25 Years

In the game for twenty-five years.

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