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Curing the After Party Blues

Hangover Helpers

Making ideas a reality

James Hookway had a bright idea on Boxing Day! Waking up to a trashed house with no food in the fridge and a tanking head, he wished for some elves to make it all better.

Fast fwd: Hangover Helpers do just that. They clean and serve brekkie. As they say, “Don’t rise. We’ll shine.”

As James jumped on the idea, he knew that to launch his new business he needed a brand story that resonated with his target audience and attracted a host of PR opportunities.

The Martians stepped in, delighted to breathe life into a service that makes people feel better!

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Designed for success.

Image of a coaster saying

Hangover Helpers were off to a crackin’ start within weeks of their launch.

The media immediately loved their concept and features appeared on the Today Show, The Project, in Business News, The Daily Mail and The West Australian. Business is booming, they’ve attracted franchise offers and have expanded their service to Melbourne.

The Mars team worked with James to first capture the brand values, goals and visuals. Then rolled out the style across website, print materials and social media. 'Green' production values were incorporated throughout and a direct, no nonsense manner.

As you can see – it was a lot of fun!

Image of branded items from the Hangover Helpers project: lunchbox and coffee cup

Hangover Helpers: mobile phone screenshot
Hangover Helpers: tablet screenshot
Hangover Helpers: desktop screenshot

Image of branded items from the Hangover Helpers project: coaster, lunch box, coffee cup and stickers

Image of branded items from the Hangover Helpers project: coasters

24 Years

In the game for twenty-four years.

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