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Welcoming people to a region with over 50,000 years of deep cultural connection, natural beauty and fresh coastal air.

Shire of Augusta – Margaret River

Shire of Augusta – Margaret River

The Shire of Augusta-Margaret River is a local government area in the south-west corner of the South West region of Western Australia.

The region’s distinct locations each have their own lifestyle that is immensely connected to the ancient land, from coastal landscapes, scenic forests, restaurants, beaches and vineyards.

The Shire aims to support and protect the region for residents and visitors alike and to strengthen Augusta-Margaret River’s reputation as a quality hospitality and tourism destination.

‘From the tranquil waters of Geographe Bay in the north, down the ancient cave-carved Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge, through picturesque vineyards and karri forest of the heartland, to the desolate beauty of Cape Leeuwin in the south, this is a place of astounding natural contrasts.’

Shire of Augusta-Margaret River

Margaret River Trail Wayfinding Overview

The Shire of Augusta-Margaret River needed a new map and signage for one of the region's most loved trail networks improving safety for trailwalkers and bicyclists.

Auditing the existing network

Our designers walked the trails to see firsthand the requirements from a user’s perspective auditing the existing directional markers mapping their locations on a GPS.

Designed to integrate with the environment

Using complementary icons and accessible colours, local species were showcased and markers were designed to integrate in the natural environment.

Thinking for users clarity, safety and connectivity

With careful, interconnecting and creative design the new signage enhances wayfinding and puts everyone on the map for a safer and seamless navigation experience.

New signage brought clarity, more safety and connectivity to the nature experience for visitors and locals. Now bike riders, tourists, walkers, locals and dog owners can find their way more easily, improving access and amenity for everyone.

'We are thoroughly impressed with the trail wayfinding suite that Isabel, Sean and the Mars Team have developed for the Shire of Augusta Margaret River. This was a complex project involving auditing of existing trails signage and coordination of design with existing signage styles and alignment with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions symbology. Isabel clearly understood our project brief and, in response, developed a range of wayfinding elements such as trail icons, trails maps, trailheads and directional markers that each addressed the unique function of the element in a way that operated harmoniously with one another. We are excited to implement this wayfinding program and looking forward to being able to dramatically increase user level of service.

The Shire of Augusta Margaret River would highly recommend Media on Mars for development of trails wayfinding and look forward to collaborating on similar projects in the future.'

Susan Elton
Project Planning Officer
The Shire of Augusta Margaret River

25 Years

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