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Tackling isolation by creating a place of acceptance, mateship and activity for all men.

Men’s Sheds WA

Men’s Sheds WA

Men’s Sheds WA tackles isolation by providing safe and inclusive spaces for all men to work on their personal projects, give back to their community or just drop in for a yarn.

Building with the community

Men often feel isolated within their community, especially if they’re retired or not working. Many miss out on opportunities for connection and don’t have their own backyard shed for working on their hobbies.

As well as being a safe space to work on personal projects, the sheds empower men to stay mentally and physically healthy with topical and up-to-date resources, support services and opportunities to learn new skills.


Branding and Website Refresh

Men’s Sheds WA needed modernised, down-to-earth branding and a website refresh to simplify user experience.

Mens Sheds Angle Grinding


Enhancing links to traditional workshops

Men’s Sheds WA branding got a fresh coat of paint with updated elements inspired by corrugated iron, rusty tools and dusty old workshop manuals.

Men's Sheds WA_Branding


Capturing the diversity of members and activities

We visited the Fremantle Men’s Shed to capture the diversity of its members and activities in high-quality, people-focused photography.

Men's Sheds - Collage

A website that's straightforward and welcoming

The refreshed Men’s Sheds WA website is intuitive and easy to navigate, with clear information and simple membership application and renewal forms.

Men’s Sheds WA now has a confident, welcoming brand and a contemporary website – with all the nuts and bolts.

Men's Sheds WA_Website_Website
25 Years

In the game for twenty-five years.

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