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Serving all Western Australians as home to the Parliament of Western Australia.

Parliament House

Parliament House Case Study

Parliament House is home to the three departments of the Parliament of Western Australia, which work together to support good governance for the people of WA.

It is an important part of Western Australia’s democracy, and both creates government and holds it accountable.

The Parliament represents the people of Western Australia, and ensures that government only passes laws or raises taxes in the people’s interest.

‘I feel accessibility is very important for the Parliament. It’s the people’s house, and I think we should be setting example, because we pass the laws, we pass the ways that people live in Western Australia.’

Peter Watson, Member for Albany and Speaker for the Legislative Assembly

Parliament House represents all Western Australian people and voices. It was essential for its online presence to be simple to understand, enjoyable to engage with and accessible for all people.

Harvest Terrace

Redefining purpose in UX workshops

Over a three-month series of user experience workshops with Parliament House staff, we audited, restructured and redefined the purpose of the Parliament House website.

Admin Office setting

Designing inclusive content for public engagement

We worked with staff on a restructure and reduced unnecessary content – halving the size of the site. Instead of being internally-focused, the site’s content is now created with the public in mind.

Website Screenshot

Establishing and maintaining accessibility

Our website build was reviewed and approved by the Centre for Accessibility Australia, and Parliament House staff were trained in accessibility – ensuring an accessible website now and into the future.

The new website is decluttered, and the structure simplifies maintenance for staff. By prioritising accessibility, Parliament House content is now truly open to the public.

‘I’m really pleased to have been a part of this project. I think it’s a great opportunity for the parliament to demonstrate that we can provide full access to everyone in the state.’

Catherine Doust, President of the Legislative Council

25 Years

In the game for twenty-five years.

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