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An Educational Experience

Shenton College

Shenton College

Public and proud of it.

Shenton College is a public co-educational school in Shenton Park, that services a wide catchment area in the Perth metro area.  It is considered one of the finest schools in WA and offers a sought after gifted and talented program.

The College wanted to celebrate their status as a high achieving, inclusive, public school.  Exploring their philosophy and operational structure was fundamental to setting the tone for the whole site and its functionality.

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Design for people.

Tow teenage girls in a classroom smiling and laughing

Top class education reflected online.

The Shenton website is a custom designed and built, responsive website that works across all devices. It includes integration with their Google calendar, social media and a login area to their Intranet, and business administration systems, Compass and Moodle.

Professional photography and copywriting injected an approachable, consistent feel across the whole site, encompassing the Shenton College story and helping to optimise the site for SEO.

Teenage boy and girl sitting outside school talking on a sunny day

Shenton College: mobile phone screenshot
Shenton College: tablet screenshot
Shenton College: desktop screenshot

The project ran like clockwork

From the outset, the Shenton team were great to work with. Working in partnership we thoroughly scoped the wireframe and functionality mapping to determine priorities and to iron out any questions, well before the site was designed and built.  The College had the opportunity to research, test and understand each component of the site before they committed to design and development.

This is the best way to design with the end user in mind and therefore makes their experience of the site a good one. It also makes the design and build of the site very smooth for all parties.

A group of teenagers in the schhol library having a discussion around a loptop

25 Years

In the game for twenty-five years.

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