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New Ways to Make Big Things Happen

The Makers

Inspiring ideas, advancing action

The Makers are driven to make a positive and lasting contribution to their community. They create community events and campaigns for the Peel region of Western Australia, such as ‘From Little Things’ Project and Yoh Fest. They also host a co-working and innovation space called the MakePlace where folks can come together to work, learn and share. A place where you can find motivation and inspiration, essentially a place to make things happen!

Previously known as Community Solutions, The Makers were looking for a totally fresh representation of their expansive vision and the breadth of their programs.

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Making change happen.

Group of smiling people in MakePlace, a coworking space in Mandurah

What's in a name?

Since launching in March 2015, The Makers and the MakePlace have revved up their profile, attracting new projects, inspiring others – and Rhys Williams, their Chief Exec won the Western Australian of the Year Youth Award.

What transpired? A new name for both the people and the space: The Makers and MakePlace. A visual language, captured in a toolbox, that includes a suite of seven value symbols. These signpost the essence of different activities, and are used in concert with their main logo. The fresh look was rolled out across signage, website and social media – even a mural for the MakePlace.

A place where people come together to make things happen.

Make things happen place
Make a difference place
Make friends and play piano place
Make great contacts place
Make doors open place
Make noise and get noticed place
Make it your own place

Animated GIF showing the evolution of The Makers brand

The Makers: mobile phone screenshot
The Makers: tablet screenshot
The Makers: desktop screenshot

Exploration and Discovery

Total immersion was the key to this project.

To create their holistic brand we collaborated in a comprehensive process to encapsulate the youthful and pro-active essence of The Makers and their programs.

We started learning together with the people at Community Solutions in discovery workshops. Mapping out their goals and understanding deeply their values. We explored together in Mandurah and at our studio in Fremantle. Collectively, both our doors were always open and the ideas and solutions flourished.

Deliverables included:

Branding & Style Guide
Responsive Website (CMS WordPress)
Membership portal
Calendar of Events
Social Media Integration
Image Galleries & Video Integration
Social Media Strategy & Mentorship
Mural Design

Woman drawing on whiteboard

The Makers brand elements

Two posters for festivals

Elevation view of The Makers Mural

24 Years

In the game for twenty-four years.

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