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Repositioning and a bold new look

Turning Heads Media

Shaking up the video storytelling landscape.

Video production is a way of speaking that can be deeper than words alone. Turning Heads Media is a premium audio visual and video content strategy provider that believes video can change lives, bring a voice to the voiceless and work to engineer social, corporate or even societal change.

Media on Mars digitally launched a refreshed logo and brand, and then worked closely with Turning Heads Media to reposition the company and communicate their full service offerings to the Perth market.

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Operating on a deeper level.

Turning Heads Media meeting

A bold editorial approach.

Turning Heads Media work to capture moments that make people want to cheer and messages that positively reinforce their clients’ corporate image. Media on Mars developed an editorial design style to showcase Turning Heads Media’s creative abilities and services. With a focus on detail, perspective and unique composition, the resulting website positions Turning Heads Media as a premium video service agency.

Turning Heads Media: mobile phone screenshot
Turning Heads Media: tablet screenshot
Turning Heads Media: desktop screenshot

Kate Stocker from Turning Heads Media standing behind a camera on a tripod, giving two thumbs up.

Turning Heads Media were trusting in the design process and very open to creative ideas. They allowed us to push their brand and messaging from what it previously was to the bold and contemporary identity it has today.

The new brand played a large role in guiding the styling, structure and overall thinking behind the website. In the first few weeks after the launch of the redeveloped site, Turning Heads Media were receiving messages complimenting the new design. Our clear, bold approach had everyone on the same page right from the start.

24 Years

In the game for twenty-four years.

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