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A Youthful Dynamic to Support Life

Youth Say No

Communicating complex issues

Almost 1.5 million females have experienced some form of current or previous partner violence since the age of 15.

Youth Say No is a program run by the Department of Child Protection to inform young people about family, domestic and dating violence and how to support friends and family that are being abused.
The power of this program’s campaign was derived directly from the young people, for whom it is intended.

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Ask the right people the right questions

Young girl standing against a wall

Taking the time to engage and listen results in relevance and impact.

We used a Human Centred methodology to working with young people from South Fremantle and St Hilda’s High School to brainstorm and test how to communicate the complexity of the issue in a way that would be appropriate for young people. Invaluable and often surprising blog were gathered. For example, we learnt that the campaign should be strongly co -branded with the government crest because it made them feel the site was genuine, secure and trustworthy. Any imagery of young people that was too perfect was strongly rejected. Privacy was a key concern – a prominent ‘Hide My Screen’ button was an imperative on the website. And they wanted brochures they could read in private.

Individual situations, unique solutions

Teenage couple looking troubled

Youth Say No: mobile phone screenshot
Youth Say No: tablet screenshot
Youth Say No: desktop screenshot

Printed brochures in a row including Dating Violence and Life Respect


The lively, interactive workshops captured the elements to create a strong and powerful campaign – including a punchy brand, a powerful video about the effects of domestic violence, a website, photography and marketing collateral.

24 Years

In the game for twenty-four years.

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