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Giving Back

We love supporting good causes at Media on Mars, and interns help us do it better. Not only do they learn valuable skills, they also enable us to give more back to the community.

Mars Interns

At Media on Mars we love the energy that interns bring to our organisation. They’re a tremendous asset to our team, and it’s great to see them learn the necessary skills that will advance their career paths in the design industry.

We run a vibrant internship program where interns come to the studio and join us for eight weeks.  During this time we try to ensure they gain as much ‘real world’ experience as possible.  This means dealing directly with clients and with projects, deadlines, meetings and deliverables – all the fun stuff that is an everyday part of life in a creative studio.

Pro Bono Publico

We have partnered with a range of causes on a pro bono basis for campaigns that we are passionate about. Visual communication is a powerful tool that can have a dramatic impact on community causes. We select two pro bono projects per year, and give our experience and expertise to help leverage the ideas and aspirations of these campaigns.

We work in partnership with supported organisations, supplying an intern and a senior creative to assist them with design solutions for their program. The interns are mentored and guided by the senior creative as they go through the process of design, delivery and implementation of meaningful solutions.

25 Years

In the game for twenty-five years.

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