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Rethink the Link

Rethink The Link was a community run campaign that believed there was a better solution to the proposed Perth freight link and the raft of economic, environmental and social impacts it would have on the WA community.

The campaign goal was to convince the governments to rethink their commitment to the Perth Freight Link in the current form and consider an alternative sustainable transport solution. With the election result in March 2017 this goal was achieved. Media on Mars worked with community activists to develop a brand and consistent marketing material to leverage the campaign. This brand was ubiquitous on the streets of Fremantle, with placards and posters on homes everywhere. The 2016 Festival parade saw a sea of orange placards overtake the streets of Fremantle. This brand and message was carried throughout the hard-won campaign and was used in newspaper ads, websites, online marketing material and social media.

Group of people with banners protesting at the wetlands

25 Years

In the game for twenty-five years.

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