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Space Oddities

Top Tips for Workplace Wellbeing

The Mars studio is a busy place where the stress of deadlines and creative problem solving could quickly take on pressure cooker status. However, this rarely, if at all, happens. …

Books Martians Love

1 October 2015

There are books and then there are ‘books’ – ones we love to hold and cherish. We asked Lauren, one of graphic designers, about a particular favourite she’d like to share…

1 October 2015

Wunderlist – get stuff done

6 September 2015

We love Wunderlist – an app designed to help you to get stuff done. Creating tasks, collaborating on projects and actually getting things done has never been easier with Wunderlist. Last week…

6 September 2015


26 November 2013

AMOK – a Perth based artist from Amsterdam is doing some pretty impressive things around about the place.

26 November 2013
20 Years

In the game for twenty years.

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