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Why Blog?

After scratching our heads for good long while, Media on Mars has decided to make our belated debut into the world of Internet blogging. After much research it turns out …

We love green jobs

19 November 2012

We’re passionate about creative design projects that support community development and environmental awareness. Our client base consists primarily of government and not-for-profit groups working in these areas. We’re committed to…

19 November 2012

Dennis McNett

10 February 2012

A pretty incredible artist who lives in New York whose work has been featured in The New York Times, Juxtapoz magazine, Thrasher and Complex Magazine. Link to his website below:

10 February 2012


16 January 2012

Loving the artwork of Haroshi. The Japanese artist makes his sculptures out of recycled used skateboards…

16 January 2012
20 Years

In the game for twenty years.

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