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Accessibility: Designing for Everyone

The Project

Media on Mars worked in partnership with the DADAA team to develop a new digital presence. Accessibility was at the heart of this project; while most accessibility features are imperceptible to a general population, they completely transform the digital interaction for people with disability.

The Organisation

DADAA is an arts and health organisation that provides access to cultural activities for people with disability or a mental illness. DADAA believe that the arts play an integral role in the lives of people with disability, and helps reshape social attitudes and drive political change around disability and social justice.

Ongoing Improvements

Like all things digital, accessibility is an ever evolving field. Media on Mars seek continual feedback to ensure we continue to improve the accessibility and user experiences of the DADAA website.

View the Case Study

Girl with Down syndrome jumps gleefully in the air while singing into a microphone

25 Years

In the game for twenty-five years.

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