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Lance Holt School

Lance Holt School is an independent primary school in Fremantle’s West End. As part of a greater rebranding and website redesign project, Media on Mars produced this promotional video to highlight the school’s story.

We decided that the best people to tell the story of Lance Holt School were the students themselves. Instead of interviewing teachers, staff and parents, Media on Mars took to the playgrounds and classrooms and asked the kids for their first-hand, unscripted thoughts. The students described in their own words what they loved about their school.

The resulting marketing video is a powerful testament to the philosophy of student empowerment, a value that Lance Holt espouses. No script writer could have articulated the principles of the school in quite the way that the students did. The authenticity of their responses is unmistakable.

Four school girls sitting together smiling

25 Years

In the game for twenty-five years.

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