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The State Library of Western Australia

Located in the Perth Cultural Centre, The State Library of Western Australia is a research, reference and public lending library. The library works to bring people, information and ideas together. It preserves our heritage and helps visitors discover new knowledge. Nowadays, libraries need to be fully integrated digital technologies that provide engagement for the community and access to research, education and culture.

The challenge here was the enormous amount of the library’s content. It took a collaborative effort between Mars and The State Library to analyse, categorise and restructure the content in line with user expectations. The new website needed to be intuitive while also meeting the library’s responsibilities as an archive of heritage.

The use of colour was important for reinforcing the new content structure. Each section can be identified through the library’s new brand palette. The entire digital service meets web design accessibility guidelines, meaning it is universally accessible.

Woman wearing white collared shirt and colourful beaded necklace talking to camera

25 Years

In the game for twenty-five years.

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