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Angela Han - Digital Advisor

Angela is our mixed-bag martian. Beyond her initial interest in economics she dabbled briefly in IT at university before finding herself in marketing. She remembers fondly Jeff Bezos being named 1999s TIME Person of the Year and recalls the impression it made on her; e-commerce was the way of the future. Equipped now with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing from Curtin University, Angela loves the mix of analysis, creativity, problem solving, and psychology that her role at Mars brings.

Her days are usually jam packed with research, implementing digital strategies, analysing results and advising clients. Angela is results-driven and strives to make a positive mark on all that she touches. She loves galleries and museums and also has a Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies. She is currently studying classical singing and is a youth ministry leader.

Angela smiling

24 Years

In the game for twenty-four years.

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