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Bryce MacDonald - Digital Designer

Bryce starts his days with a flat white, no sugar and a scroll through some of his favourite design blogs. Once caffeinated you’ll find Bryce occupied with anything from client briefings and project scoping to user interface design and WordPress development. Bryce doesn’t care for overly complex, functionally flawed design; he loves that his job allows him to think creatively, critically and freely on a daily basis, with the sole purposes of solving problems and improving experiences.

A firm believer in “less is more”, Bryce favours clean, precise and simple creative design solutions. Bryce has an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design and over 7 years experience as a Digital Designer and Art Director. He’s worked with leading Australian and international surf and lifestyle brands and has been responsible for the creative implementation of major global and regional online campaigns.

Bryce sitting, looking off to his right

24 Years

In the game for twenty-four years.

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