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Cristina Londono - Strategy and User Experience

Cristina specialises in helping brands become compelling storytellers, storytellers who engage their ideal audience and move them to action. Cristina’s approach is to communication and user experience is to implement strategy that is, in-depth, heartfelt, strategic and backed by research.

Cristina is a tenacious problem solver with a focus on finding what makes an organisation tick. She understands that it is within the details that moments of truth lie. Details are where a brand can touch an audience member’s heart and move them to action. Cristina takes her role as partner in the communication journey very seriously. She becomes a sounding board, a problem solver, a confidence builder a communicator and a cheerleader for her clients as she helps them give a voice and a shape to their brand.

Christina looking at the camera inside

25 Years

In the game for twenty-five years.

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