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Kate Kelly - Senior Development Manager

Have you heard of the six degrees of separation? It’s the theory that all people are six, or fewer, social connections away from each other. Well, one of those social connections is bound to be Kate! Kate knows everyone, and it’s not hard to understand how she has developed such an extensive network. This award-winning conservation rockstar radiates warmth and approachability as our Senior Development Manager.

Kate spends her day building relationships with change-makers, leading Make it Happen projects, and scouting the office for biscuits. Formally trained with a Bachelor of Arts in Sustainable Development with Honours from Murdoch University, Kate lives the Make it Happen ethos. When she isn’t working as an agent for change or cuddling her kelpie, Taffeta, Kate moonlights as a lover of native wildflowers and a writer of poems about magpies.

Kate standing in front of a green archway and looking straight at the camera

25 Years

In the game for twenty-five years.

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