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Michael Gray - Web Developer

Michael has always been a computer geek. Even when he was 12 he was building his own computers. He loves app development and enjoys using new technology and creative solutions to solve problems. Michael originally trained as an electrician and while he eventually decided that being an electrician didn’t challenge him enough, it did teach him a lot about customer service. Michael is a good communicator and one of his great strengths is interpreting complex technical information into a language that the rest of us lay people can understand. He has extensive experience as a programmer and his true love is web and mobile app development. He is inspired by all of the new technology being developed in these areas. He is fluent in Python, JavaScript/TypeScript, Dart, PHP and Kotlin, with working knowledge of Go and C#.

In his spare time Michael is a bit prone to continuing his interest in solving problems with technology and sometimes has to be reminded to turn off his computer but once outside he loves the outdoors and is a keen skateboarder.

Michel Gray in natural setting

25 Years

In the game for twenty-five years.

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