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Orla Larkin - Strategist and Digital Creative

Orla’s background is in product design and believes design has a key role in problem solving and initiating positive social change. Her post-graduate studies in design had a specific focus on medial informatics and improving patient access to multimedia-based content.

Her process can be described as holistic, she constantly strives to understand users… their motivations, their pains and their loves. Orla has worked at Mars since 2010 and has run design projects that improve access to digital across state government, not for profits and education. Within projects she has designed strategies and websites to help organisations and government form and maintain meaningful relationships with their users. She is a storyteller and a mindful designer and has won awards for her work in web design and accessibility.


Orla Larkin walking side on wtih a beanie

25 Years

In the game for twenty-five years.

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