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Roman Karachevtsev - Senior Developer

Roman is the engine driver of Mars. He brings our web creations to life – functional, responsive, dynamic and awesome. Roman landed on Mars direct from the Ukraine, and hasn’t looked back since. His skills, attention to detail and “can-do” attitude has quickly made him an indispensable team member. After completing his Masters in Computer Science, Roman gained extensive experience in both front and back end web development.

His skills include xHTML/HTML5, CSS, PHP, SQL, JavaScript and jQuery, to name but a few. He’s particularly adept at implementing open source content management systems. When asked if something is possible, Roman invariably replies with, “Why not?” His positive approach is a vital asset for a developer at Mars. Standard or easy to build websites are as rare as hen’s teeth.

In his spare time he plays or watches soccer. His favourite team is the mighty FC Barcelona. His life’s dream is to drive a monster truck in the Dakar Rally.

Roman inside looking at the camera

25 Years

In the game for twenty-five years.

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