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Wayfinding signage should be seamless and almost invisible

If the signs are well-integrated you won’t even notice how well you are being directed. Smooth transitions and a set of architectural or design elements aid orientation and assist with journey planning in an easy manner.

Finding your way in complex surroundings can be difficult, even more so if you have a disability. Therefore, accessibility for signage is just as essential as it is for online collateral.  Accessible wayfinding solutions can enhance design and help us create inclusive spaces.

Interpretive signage turns information into stories, creating a connection and understanding between people and places of interest. Environmental, cultural and heritage information is communicated at a site to give visitors a sense of the nature, origin and purpose of the area.

Media on Mars service thumbnail: Metal sign in the shape of a leaf with botanical information on the leaves
24 Years

In the game for twenty-four years.

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