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Anne Neil

Public Artist

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We have collaborated with Anne Neil and her partner Steve Tepper for over ten years on a wide range of public art projects – from interpretive signage to cast concrete designs.

Anne and Steve create artworks for public and private spaces in Australia and overseas. Their scope of work includes sculptures and integrated designs for large scale infrastructural projects, in various materials.

In 2012 Anne was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by Artsource in recognition of the breadth and scale of her public art career. In celebration of this prestigious award we created a website for Anne to showcase her work. Click here to view other projects completed in collaboration with Anne and Steve.

We have had a professional relationship with the Media on Mars team for over 10 years. Our experience of working with this dynamic group particularly in the area of design has been invaluable. Their design skills and technical capabilities have been of assistance in realising not only our ‘printed’ requirements, but our 3-dimensional visualisations for artwork projects. Their interdisciplinary skills are a valuable asset and in our experience they undertake their projects with dedication and a genuine commitment to quality outcomes.

Anne Neil and Steve Tepper
Public Artists, Fremantle WA

25 Years

In the game for twenty-five years.

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