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Food & Hospitality

‘We eat with our eyes’ in the digital age

How many times have you witnessed someone at the next table excitedly snapping a photo of their meal? Foodporn is a real thing.

In March 2017, when we wrote a post about this, there were 168,375,343 posts on Instagram for #food and 76,239,441 posts for #foodporn (and the number was growing by the minute).

Because people all over the world are sharing pictures of their food and reviewing it, the expectations of the hospitality industry are growing fast.  It is no longer OK to have a restaurant or bar with a crappy online presence. People expect to research online before heading out the door to eat and drink.

Browse below some projects we’ve created for the Food and Hospitality Industry, and contact us for help, so your consumers top rate your establishment.

25 Years

In the game for twenty-five years.

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