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City of Fremantle

International Street Arts Festival

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Every Easter the historic streets of Fremantle burst to life as performers transform the city into a world stage  for their annual Street Arts Festival.

Fremantle International Street Arts Festival started as a celebration of Fremantle’s local busking culture over a decade ago and has grown to attract world class international street theatre acts. Each year the streets of Fremantle are transformed into an open-air theatre of the amazing, weird and wacky, while Fremantle’s famous alfresco dining steps up a notch, with pop-up bars and eateries extending into the streets.

In previous years the Festival was only promoted through printed brochures and through the City's website, which meant that much of the information was hard to find online.  This year the City chose to change this and create a separate Street Arts website, so people could research the acts and find all the information they need to enjoy the Festival long weekend.

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25 Years

In the game for twenty-five years.

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