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CRM for Education Research

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The Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (HERDSA) is a scholarly society for people committed to the advancement of higher and tertiary education. The organisation is member based with associates all over Australia and New Zealand.

Media on Mars worked remotely with the organisation through a series of Skype workshops. These conversations established that a membership site with an integrated CRM would solve the organisation's obstacles.

The HERDSA member base are predominantly academics that travel between universities. So, it is really important to have a website that members can access remotely, making it easier to connect and keep in touch with the What’s On in the organisation.

The organisation has three tiers of members and each has special access to different materials such as publications and special interest groups.

By building and designing a site using Drupal we were able to implement Civi CRM. This means HERDSA has full control over its membership base and its members have full control over their data.

Members can login and connect with others in their field of study though special interest groups, which are managed by the CRM.

The publications store has a three pricing structure, depending on who is logged in, so discounts can be given to the correct member group while some can access content for free. Publications range from eBooks, PDFs and printed material.

All of the complexities of a multi tiered member based organisation are run efficiently through the HERSDA website and CRM.

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25 Years

In the game for twenty-five years.

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