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Lance Holt School

A Child Centred School

Lance Holt School, an independent primary school located in the West End of Fremantle, is a vibrant community school that has a unique story to tell.

It was decided that the best people to tell this story were the students themselves. Rather than having teachers, staff or the parents talk about what a great school it is, we opted for an unscripted recount by the students.

This allowed the students to describe, in their own words, what they loved about the school and the results are powerful testament to the philosophy of student empowerment. No script writer could ever have articulated the value of the school in the way the students did and the authenticity of their words is unmistakable.

The result is a short video that is moving and inspiring, and the most common comment by viewers is, “I wish I went to school there”.

25 Years

In the game for twenty-five years.

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