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National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA)

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A new website was linked to a ministerial announcement regarding a change in structure for the Authority. On 1 January 2012 NOPSA ceased to exist and the new brand and website for NOPSEMA was launched. This replaced NOPSA with an extension of its functions beyond occupational health, safety to integrate environmental management.

To ensure this project was delivered on time and within budget Media on Mars used a very tight project management methodology.

The project involved a spectrum of stakeholders due to the size of the department's interactions and the large number of staff. There were a number of differing priorities.

Media on Mars coordinated the process of defining the website structure efficiently and smoothly while ensuring all staff and stakeholders had input into the Navigation Structure.

A series of structured workshops were held, which gave staff the opportunity to have input into the navigational design. These workshops had the additional benefit of providing staff with an overall understanding of the principles of effective navigational design for the web. Having this understanding leads to an understanding of the website functionality.

The follow-on from the workshops was the construction of an online, interactive 'wireframe'. This is a highly simplified version of a website which gives clients the opportunity to get a feel for how the website will be structured, before the design stage.

In the case of the NOPSEMA website, the feedback from the wireframe testing process was both helpful and positive. Only minor modifications were required before the site was scaled up to full functionality, with all design components in play.

Thorough client consultation and hands-on feedback set an excellent foundation for the NOPSEMA project. It meant that all other stages of the project ran smoothly and efficiently. Design signoff, content signoff, accessibility testing and the website upload all ran ahead of schedule.

The result is an attractive, contemporary website that has been very well received and is already outperforming the old site.

Media on Mars continues to work with NOPSEMA on an ongoing basis and have begun work on the Authority's next set of projects.

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