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Lavish Habits

Pleased to Meet You

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Described as indoor food truck meets mess-hall-style dining room, this exciting new addition to Northbridge and the Lavish Habits line required a fun and casual brand to tell its story.

The Media on Mars team had the pleasure of working with restauranteur Clint Nolan to develop branding, food packaging and a web presence for his new food venture: Pleased to Meet You. Nolan wished to achieve a casual, American diner-style feel with all of his collateral.

Clint Nolan is the serial entrepreneur and creator of a line of establishments that have raised the bar in Perth for good times out on the town.

Media on Mars continues to work with Lavish Habits on their ever expanding projects, including Alabama Song, Joe's Juice Joint, Sneaky Tony's and La Cholita.

Photo of business cards and ice cream tub

Photo of business cards

Pleased to Meet You logo

Photo of Pleased to Meet You with high tabes and an industrial interior

A branded tub of chips with chilli aioli

A branded tub of soft serve ice cream with a chocolate Flake

Screen grab of the Pleased to Meet You website homepage

25 Years

In the game for twenty-five years.

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