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Punmu Community

Rawa Community School

Media on Mars spent a week in the remote indigenous community of Punmu, situated inland from Port Hedland.

Media on Mars staff facilitated a community signage workshop for school children, mothers and community elders.

The Punmu Community wanted to create colourful signage and artworks to decorate their recently developed community centres.

Mosaic was chosen as the best medium because it's easy to produce impressive results quickly and it keeps students motivated.  It also provided the opportunity to create artworks for the community as well as signage.

Media on Mars principal Kammi Rapsey said her time at the Punmu Indigenous Community where she worked with mainly teenage boys, and mothers, was a challenge that reaped enormous rewards.

“Everyone designed and made a series of mosaic signs for their centre and the kids made individual tiles to be displayed in the cafeteria. It was inspiring to see what they came up with in a very short space of time – an innate sense of design”

Kammi Rapsey

25 Years

In the game for twenty-five years.

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