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Western Australia Police

Road Policing Strategy

Mars is a long-standing member of the Western Australia Police design panel. We have partnered on a wide range of projects, including the development of their IT Strategy collateral. This involved the design and development of a range of strategic plan documents as well as the development of their IT website.

Given that this website was for the WA Police Department it was imperative that the Content Management System (CMS) and hosting solution provided a high level of security. Used by a wide range of departments, the CMS had to be very intuitive and user-friendly.

Media on Mars worked with WA police staff members to conduct a thorough review to ensure the CMS and hosting were the best possible solutions for their needs and complied with the Police Department's regulations as well as the state government’s accessibility requirements (W3CAG).

Media on Mars conducted training with WA Police staff on how to maintain and update their website.

Feedback for the website has been very positive and the website has become an integral tool of the WA Police Department’s IT strategy.

Media on Mars continues to have an excellent, ongoing relationship with the WA Police Department.

“Media on Mars have been fantastic to work with. They are always willing to assist at a moment’s notice and we are very pleased with the website created for our IT strategy. It is easy to update, intuitive to use and it communicates the WA police brand professionally and consistently”

Christopher Byrnes – Business Technology WA Police

25 Years

In the game for twenty-five years.

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