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Shenton College

Shenton College Website

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Building the Shenton College website is a great example of how web projects should run.  From the outset, the Shenton team were great to work with. They committed to 'Scoping', which allowed us to work in partnership with them to define their ideal user experience and key messages.

We thoroughly worked through the wireframe and functionality mapping so all the questions and issues were addressed long before the site moved to design and build.  This meant Shenton also had the opportunity to research, test and understand each component of the site before they committed to design and development.

This type of thorough planning and research meant that the design and development ran smoothly and easily for all involved.

The Shenton website is a custom designed and built responsive website that works across all devices.  It includes integration with their Google calendar, social media and a login area to their Intranet, and business administration systems, Compass and Moodle.

Professional photography and copywriting allowed us to tell the Shenton story across all areas of the site and helped to optimise the site for SEO.

It was a pleasure to work with the Shenton team and to learn more about the philosophies and operational structure behind the College.

“Can I take this opportunity to say an enormous thank you to you and your Martian team – Orla, Kammi and the others behind the scenes. Not only are we stoked with the new site but also uniformly impressed by the way in which you guys go about your business. It’s been a pleasure working on this with you.”

Adam Pengelly, Middle School Co-ordinator

25 Years

In the game for twenty-five years.

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