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Shore Solutions

Shore Solutions Branding and Website

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What’s in a Business Name? Shore Accounting has the impact of of the double entendre of the word Shore.

Shore / Sure provides a sense of security and stability that is important for an accounting practice but also allowed us to play of the concept of the practice being in a coastal location.

Business Founder Jo Perks came to Media on Mars looking for a business name, branding, marketing collateral and a website. Jo is an experienced accountant who had run a successful practice previously so she knew what was involved in establishing a practice and also knew the value of a naming and branding. Media on Mars worked in partnership with Jo through the business naming process and out of which – Shore Accounting was the clear winner. We then went on to consistently design and deliver branding, business stationery, marketing collateral and website.

Shore Accounting Solutions screen grab

Shore Solutions Business Card

Shore Solutions Business Card

Shore Solutions Business Card and Letterhead

25 Years

In the game for twenty-five years.

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