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Lavish Habits

Sneaky Tony’s

Speakeasy Rum bar, somewhere in Chinatown, Northbridge, which requires a password to enter on Friday & Saturday.

“Down a dark lane way and behind a nondescript door lies a little secret – a hidden den where three hundred rums (from Barbados and Cuba to Spain and back again) line the walls. Bartenders expertly stir old fashioneds, muddle mojitos and shake daiquiris whilst honky-tonk plays from the stereo.

The inspiration for this venue is famed rum-runner Tony the Hat – a bootlegger and gambler who smuggled rum into Southern California in the 1920s. The room is an ode to Tony, decorated like his secret den may have once appeared, his worldly collection of artefacts proudly on display.

Media on Mars continues its partnership with Lavish Habits to create brands for their bars and restaurants.

25 Years

In the game for twenty-five years.

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