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The Greens WA

State Election Campaign

The Greens WA approached Media on Mars to create their state campaign for the upcoming election. We worked with Brand Strategist Peter Faulkner of Tinda to develop the concept and messaging for the campaign.

It was a fantastic project as we were given the opportunity to turn political marketing on its head.  Their brief was to be creative and dynamic. They wanted to move away from traditional political advertising.

We created a unique visual style for the project centred around their key messaging of ‘True Progress’. The visuals use strong consistent branding combined with, quirky imagery and clever copy that articulate their policies and values.

We worked with key stakeholders in the party to create a wide range of positive, clever and creative artworks for the campaign.

As their campaign was heavily focused in the digital space, much of this artwork was used in online marketing, social media and digital advertising.

We also created traditional print media, such as billboards, postcards, stickers, merchandise, banners, 2013 calendar, various print templates and more. Much of the artwork we created during the State Campaign has gone on to be adopted at a Federal Level.

25 Years

In the game for twenty-five years.

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