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Dr. Jody Tansy

Tansy Allergy + Immunology Branding and Website

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Tansy Immunology provides personalised diagnosis and treatment for people suffering from allergic and immune disorders. Allergies are now very common in our community.

Over the last 50 years we have seen a significant increase in Australia, with one in three people affected in some way in their lifetime by an allergic condition. As a consequence, there is a rising demand for expertise, research and treatment services.

Tansy Immunology was established by Dr Jody Tansy who is an Allergist and Clinical Immunologist. After graduating as a doctor from the University of Western Australia, Dr Tansy became fascinated by the immune system and so it was a natural progression when she decided to pursue specialist training in allergy and immunology.

Media on Mars worked with Dr Tansy to create a brand that was warm engaging and represented the concepts of Immunology abstractly. The results are a beautiful brand that is loosely based on a flower and seed motif and is used consistently across their website and all marketing collateral.

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Tansy Allergy letterhead and business cards

Tansy Allergy letterhead and business cards closeup

23 Years

In the game for twenty-three years.

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