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North Australian Indigenous Land & Sea Management Alliance

TRaCK Water Planning

TRaCK & NAILSMA – Indigenous Engagement in Water Management

Indigenous Engagement in Water Planning is a resource produced by the NAILSMA (North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance) and TRaCK (Tropical Rivers and Coastal Knowledge). It is designed to facilitate indigenous engagement and consultation in water management.

The resources outline a process for establishing protocols for engagement to:

  • provide assurance and equitable conditions for consultation and negotiation
  • guarantee input into decision making
  • protect indigenous knowledge
  • build long term cross-cultural understanding.

Media on Mars worked in partnership with key stakeholders, indigenous groups and the funding organisations to create a comprehensive resource pack, designed to facilitate the engagement of indigenous people in the water planning for their local area.

The resource outlines the principles that governments should adhere to when conducting water planning with indigenous people.  It can also be used to present to other stakeholders about indigenous expectations for engagement in water use planning and decision-making.

25 Years

In the game for twenty-five years.

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