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City of Melville

Yagan’s Gennunny Signage

We partnered with local aboriginal artist and illustrator Ron Gidgup to create the interpretive signage for the trail at Yagan’s Gennunny / Wireless Hill.

The site was a significant lookout and meeting place for indigenous people of the area and was known as Yagan’s Gennunny.

Ron’s illustrations and artwork detail the significance of this place for the traditional custodians of this site as well as highlight the medicinal properties of many of the plants in the area. Content for the signage was also provided by Noongar/Whadjuk Elders from the area.

The signage was constructed with cast cement bases, corten steel and aluminium. These signs are also designed to function as seating so people can relax and admire the view of the river and native bushland.

Media on Mars worked with the city, local community groups, Ron and the elders of the area to create an overall interpretive signage plan for the area that interconnects and fits within the local landscape.

We worked with Media on Mars for over 12 months on a staged signage project at Wireless Hill. The outcome was a suite of beautifully designed interpretive signs that fit  in with the aesthetics of a heritage listed site. Quality materials have been used to complement the industrial heritage of the site, yet the materials are organic in nature so that they will weather nicely over the years and fit in with the natural bush setting.

Gina Capes
Wireless Hill Project Curator

25 Years

In the game for twenty-five years.

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